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Stephanie Cahill

Stephanie Cahill


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Oxford Road
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I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Zoology at the University of Bristol, followed by a Masters in Human Evolution and Behaviour at University College London. My main research interests are in pre and postnatal environment interaction, the effect of parental care on developmental trajectories, stress reactivity, sensitivity to context and the ecological relevance of resilience.

I am part of the BioSocial Centre for Doctoral Training, funded by the BBSRC and ESRC. My PhD project aims to investigate epigenetic mechanisms in the development of resilience, specifically focusing on differential susceptibility. Using longitudinal data genetic, genomic and biosocial environmental data I seek to compare multiple stressors that occur at distinct life stages, focusing on factors that confer resilience using continuous behavioural stress response measures as outcomes of interest. Specifically, I will investigate the mechanisms behind the epigenetic plasticity to stress, while also examining the experience-dependent intergenerational transmission of DNA methylation patterns and behaviour in human and mammalian models.


Penton-Voak, I. S., Cahill, S., Pound, N., Kempe, V., Schaeffler, S., & Schaeffler, F. (2007). Male facial attractiveness, perceived personality, and child-directed speech. Evolution and human behavior, 28(4), 253-259.